We implement strategic supply chain operations and strategies to put companies on a path to sustained improvement


We use a proven approach to analyze the end-to-end 供应链业务 from a “people, 过程, 和技术”的角度. Our 供应链 service offering focuses on assessing core sets of capabilities to deliver a roadmap and methodology for executing designed improvement functionality.

Our supply chain consultants have a great deal of experience in supply chain management. They understand the critical business levers that release value and enable an organization to reach that next level of performance.

正在考虑或已经开始改变你的业务? 了解如何实现成功转型.



In today’s climate, business agility is essential to keep pace with rapid change. Business transformations must be executed with an agile mindset and viewed as a journey rather than a destination.



随着组织的不断发展, leaders must encourage and prepare their teams to adapt and transform the way they work in real time. 这样做, 你需要一种敏捷的文化, 如何确保团队能够实时地接受业务转换.



Discover what it takes to drive 业务转型 by changing the way employees behave, 首先需要改变他们的思维方式.



Learn how to survive through disruption by becoming a modern software delivery organization. 阅读这篇指南,你可以通过技术来实现转型,避免消亡.



Learn what company culture looks like for organizations with strong business agility and how leaders can position more successful transformations by building a culture of agility.



学习的原因 现代软件交付 是成功的基础 业务转型 以及开始使用默沙东需要付出的努力.






在供应链规划和优化中存在许多机会, 但它们都始于对目的的理解, 流程和数据. Purpose and 过程 are best understood within the context of cross-functional sales and operations planning, which are designed to develop consensus around goals and responsibilities over the short, 媒介, 和长期. 数据提供了一种手段,可以根据前一阶段的目标和, 作为绩效管理过程的一部分, 了解如何改进计划和执行.

Deeper investigations into the supply chain can target specific areas for improvement. 例如:

  • 分析 and modeling can identify the constraints that prevent performance improvement.
  • Capacity rationalization can expose opportunities to divest operational assets.
  • Demand planning and inventory management can develop tactics to compensate for volatility.


Customers are demanding and providing superior customer service comes at a cost. 基本要素包括产品质量, 返回率, 顺序填充率, 订单完美,交货准时. 然而, one of the most overlooked dimensions of customer service is the understanding of the cost to serve. 这比衡量挑选成本要深入得多, 包装和运输,因为它还包括接收订单的系统和工作人员, 回答电话, 管理系统并补充产品. 而客户服务的这个方面可能是一个重要的任务, additional information gleaned from the 过程 can be used to fine tune the sales approach and target those customers that provide the greatest benefit.

使客户服务合理化的想法当然是有争议的, 然而,每天都有人做出决定,优先考虑客户. The problem is that these decisions are often ad hoc, inconsistent and sub-optimizing. Centric believes a the better approach is to develop a structure to understand the cost to serve and enhance the customer relationship.


We define distribution as all activities that move products from supplier to customer. This includes fundamental activities related to warehousing, transportation and inventory control.

这些活动的重要性不容低估, 因为它们代表了公司资源的重大投资. 这些方面的改进可以显著增强客户体验, 推动销售, 降低成本,提高利润


美国制造业.S. is experiencing something of a resurgence because companies have analyzed the costs and risks of elongated supply chains and are choosing to on-shore some of their production needs. Our consultants can help companies become more competitive and take advantage of this opportunity by delivering value through projects targeting the following areas:

  • 精益生产
  • 持续改进
  • 客户集成
  • 柔性制造


我们与您合作来改进, transform or automate your operations and optimize key capabilities and value streams to achieve desired business outcomes.


希望改进你的供应链运作? 我们一起能把你送到那里.